Wednesday, 10 August 2016

MSSQL - Query that loads data by 15 minutes intervals

Query to group by time intervals - group by 15 minutes time intervals

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select count(id) as NumberOfOrders,
DatePart(Year, MyDate) as TransactionYear,
DatePart(MONTH, MyDate) as TransactionMonth,
DatePart(DAY, MyDate) As TransactionDate,
DatePart(Hour, MyDate) As TransactionHour,
DatePart(Minute, MyDate)/15 As TransactionInterval,
Convert(Varchar, DatePart(Hour, MyDate)) + Case DatePart(Minute, MyDate) /15 When 0 Then ':00' When 1 Then ':15'
When 2 Then ':30' When 3 Then ':45' End as TransInterval
From IntervalTest
Group By
DatePart(Year, MyDate) ,
DatePart(MONTH, MyDate),
DatePart(DAY, MyDate),
DatePart(Hour, MyDate) ,
DatePart(Minute, MyDate)/15

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